Friday, February 16, 2018

Too Old to Learn something New? Meet James from Louisiana!

My job as a Lifestyle Realtor in the mountains of Colorado means I mix work and play to the point where the lines become so blurred that the only outcome can be an authentic, passion filled existence. I am a better Realtor, father and businessman after I "put on my oxygen mask first" so then I can help others do the same. Of course I am talking about putting my outdoor lifestyle first as a time blocked activity. Teaching snowboarding part time at major Colorado Resorts helps me fill my cup. Yesterday at Loveland Ski Area was definitely a cup filling experience when I had the pleasure of instructing 72 year old James from Louisiana in his first ever snowboard lesson.

What an amazing experience for me as an instuctor (and a human) to watch someone open up, put aside traditional limiting beliefs about age and have an positive attitude and outlook on life. James is the example we should all look to when those thoughts creep into our brains about how our next project/conversation/life situation/etc is going to be "too dificult" "not attainable" or simply not possible.
Thank you James for reminding us to embrace life and learning at all ages.

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